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Visitor Information

2023 Summer Green Fees


Broughton Heath Golf Club welcomes all visitors and offers very competitive green fees.  Please note that we operate a "Dress Code", your co-operation in this matter is gratefully appreciated.

Visitors Green Fees


"Mad Mondays" (every Monday including Bank Holidays)

 18 Holes:   Adult£12          Guest - £12       Junior's 10 - 15 - £5       Junior's 16yrs to 17yrs - £10        Junior's under 10yrs - Free


"Tuesday to Sunday"                     

18 Holes:    Adult - £17         Guest - £17       Junior's 10 - 15 - £5       Junior's 16yrs to 17yrs - £10       Junior's under 10yrs - Free


"Tuesday to Sunday"

12 Holes:    Adult - £14         Guest - £14       Junior's 10 - 15 - £5      Junior's 16yrs to 17yrs - £10       Junior's under 10yrs - Free             



Dress Code


• Golf shirts with collar, roll neck or turtle neck and sleeves.                  

• Smart shorts, mid to knee length.                                                            • Sports socks (of any colour) must be worn at all times,

• full length, mid length or anklet style.

• Appropriate smart golf attire at all times. 


Not Permitted

• Beach, football or blue denim shorts. denim jeans, track or shell suits

• Shoes without socks, non-sports socks.

• T-shirts, vests, football, rugby or sports style shirts.


We are fairly relaxed at Broughton Heath, but there are certain limits that you should not go beyond.  It is easier to abide by these simple rules so that other members are not embarrassed by having to tell you and you are not embarrassed by being told.




* In order to protect the "Teeing Ground" players must use tee pegs for their first shot

* All divots should be replaced

* Pitch marks must be repaired on the greens

* Avoid slow play - keep up with the game in front or invite the game behind to "play through"

* Keep trolleys and bags off the teeing ares and greens

* If your ball comes to rest or your stance is in a bunker then the bunker should be raked and rakes replaced in their holders

* For local rules please refer to the back of the score card


Directions to Broughton Heath Golf Club

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