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Become a Member at Broughton Heath Golf Club

If you're looking to play regular golf and to become a member of a club then memberships are available at Broughton Heath, allowing you to access our facilities and course up to 364 days of the year. What’s more, we don’t charge a joining fee!   Whether you are a committed seven day player or a casual five-day player, you can enjoy the family friendly atmosphere and regular organized events.

Junior Membership

Age 10 - 15                             

Age 16 – 17                                
Age 18 – 21                                

Download a Standing Order mandate here

Benefits of a Membership Include


 * No Joining Fee   * Monthly Payment Plan   * Regular Competitions All Year Round   * Competitive Bar Prices   * And Much More




7 Day Member                £650.00.  
5 Day Member               £600.00

Includes affiliation to E.G.U and D.U.G.C



* In order to protect the "Teeing Ground" players must use tee pegs for their first shot

* All divots should be replaced

* Pitch marks must be repaired on the greens

* Avoid slow play - keep up with the game in front or invite the game behind to "play through"

* Keep trolleys and bags off the teeing areas and greens

* If your ball comes to rest or your stance is in a bunker then the bunker should be raked and rakes replaced in

  their holder     

* For local rules please refer to the back of the score card

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